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★2017 Artists★

▶Artist Profile | アーティスト・︎プロフィール 

::Guest Instructors & Dancers


Kiri Chapman (USA)

Kiri Chapman started professionally touring and performing at 17. She has received awards from competitions and schools including the American Ballet Theatre, Youth America Grand Prix and the New York International Ballet Competition. Her work with Marc Brewer in kizomba, bachata, salsa, and zouk has captured international attention and the couple has won championships in Bachata Fusion (Bachata Open, Albacete Spain), Salsa Cabaret (Rising Star World Salsa Summit), Bachata Cabaret (Rising Star World Salsa Summit), Salsa Open (Midwest Salsa Open), Bachata Open (Ultimate Latin Dance Championship, Las Vegas) and were recently finalists at the World Salsa Open in Puerto Rico. They have been touring nationally and internationally for several years, and have become well known for their fusion style. Their performances have received multiple awards including “Best Show” in Fujairah Latin Dance Festival (UAE), “Director’s Choice Award” at the Toronto Bachata Festival (CA) and have been featured on the hit TV show America’s Got Talent.

::Guest Instructors & Dancers



Javi Raza Negra (Peru)

It is a professional dancer with formation of funk and hip hop, modern jazz, contemporary and Afro Cuban performing its formation in Madrid Spain. He has participated in several festivals in Spain:Bembibre salsa festival - Burgosalson - Simposium de Madrid-Tropical Gem & Friends - Cantabria Topical. And international: Bologna Latino Festival Italy - Javi and Alien Ramirez Lebanon Latin Festival - Balkan Salsa Congress - Istanbul International Dance Festival - Antwerpen Latino Congress Belgium - Greece,Aigio & Salsa Spring Festival,Salsa Jam in Cyprus, International Japan Latin Dance Congress - Malta Latin Dance Festival - Tbilisi Dance Festival - Afro Latin Egypt - Dubai International Dance Festival - Semi finalista en el Miami World Latin Dance Cup. reaching the heart of all the public currently is one of the soloists more active in this field mobility, foot speed and speed in the turns are his seal that differentiate others!! always it is updated in different types of Dance! currently he lives in Lluxembourg and now is Working with Fadi Fusion.


::Guest Instructor & Dancer



JJ PACHANGA & Jafé SalsaTeam (Belgium)

JJ Pachanga is a dancer who is known for his fancy and fresh style. Born in Kinshasa (Congo), lives in Belgium since 1998. Well known as « Mister nice guy », creative, mixing many style in his choreography (Afro moves, funky, pachanga, ...).

Jana has been a synchronized swimmer, which makes her strong and very precise to work in a team in highly risky condition. After that she found out that the real love is dancing.

They have took part in many projects with different artists like Grupo ALAFIA and Terry & Cecile (SalsAlianza). Now, They teaching in Belgium spreading their knowledge and great fun. He is also member of « OJ’s Swing », « JaFé » salsa team and « The Alafia LUCUMI Belgium ». A real music and party lovers and for sure ideal social dancers.


::Guest Instructor & Dancer



Rey & Miri (Korea)

Barak Professional Dancer Team Leader / Instructor

2015. China Bachatamemucho Festival
2017. Indonesia Bachata Sensual
2017. Taipei Formosa Salsa Festival
2017. Nashville, USA Bachata Sensual

Competition Career
2008. K.S.F Line Dance Battle Contest, Men's Individual, Champion
2009. Korea Salsa Competition, Salsa team division - "Feel Dance" 2nd place
2015. 4th HK World Salsa Championship, Salsa team division - "Feel Dance" Champion
2015. Korea Salsa Competition, Salsa Competition, Salsa team division - "Feel Dance" 2nd place
2016. Korea Salsa & Bachata Competition, Bachata team division - "Barak" Champion
2016. K.S.F Latín Dance Competition, Bachata couple division - "Barak" Champion
2016. K.S.F Latín Dance Competition, Salsa couple division - "Barak" 2nd Place
2016. Korea Latin Dance, Salsa professional couples division "Barak" 2nd Place


::Guest Instructor & Dancer



Jorge Zubieta

Dancer and teacher of Latin rhythms and ballroom with extensive academic training, achieving the merging of each of the dances studied in its own unique style and making a significant difference in their field.
He spent most of his life involved in what he is most passionate about: Salsa and Ballroom Dance.
He has enriched his dancing by studying different dances styles such as Classical Dance, Contemporary Dance, Dance Sport Ballroom, Flamenco, Cuban Folklore & Argentine Tango, Bachata, Lamba Zouk and Kizomba.
Jorge is well known for his style and elegance, and he has managed to be particularly known for his musicality, expressiveness and originality of choreography, capturing the essence that makes a difference to his style.
Currently he is still very actively involved in Latin dance rhythms and he has been invited to conduct shows, workshops, seminars in Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, South Korea, China and Japan.



::Guest Instructors & Dancers


(Morocco / Belgium)

Talal was born in Fès , Morocco , in 1980.
His interest in music appeared already from a very young age.
When he arrived in Belgium as a student in the year 2000, he discovered salsa and very quickly became aware of his talent and motivation to invest in it.
He joined one of the local dance teams in Brussels and performed with them on local Belgian, but also international events.
In 2004 he established his own dance company "Salsa Sunrise " of which he is the director.
Since then he works as a professional instructor, performer and choreographer. He created his own style, which is characterized by his passion, energy, and creativity.
He teaches salsa in Brussels , both on "1" and on "2", and is known for the effective way in which he teaches the technique of leading and following.


::Guest Instructor & Dancer



Erik Rodrigues (Mamboki)
(Okinawa / USA)

One the pioneers of Eddie Torres NY club style On2 in Japan, Erik has been teaching in Okinawa since 2000.
Erik is a native of New York where he learned most of his dance education. Erik is trained in Salsa Casino, LA style On1, NY club style On2, Afro-Latin Funk & body movement.
He has performed or taught at:
2002 Japan Salsa Congress
2003 Japan Salsa Congress
2004 New York Salsa Congress
2008 Asia Latin Festival, Korea
2009 Asia Latin Festival, Korea
2010 Hawaii Salsa Festival
2010 New York Salsa Congress
2011 Hawaii Salsa Festival
2012 Asia Latin Festival, Seoul, Korea
2013 We Love Salsa vol. 2 & 3 Sapporo, Japan
2014 Paco's 5yr Anniversary Social, Nagoya, Japan
2015 Houston Salsa Congress, Houston Tx.
2015 Mambongo On2 Social, Tokyo, Japan


::Guest Instructors & Dancers


Aya & Kita
(Tokyo, Japan)

2004年より活動開始。ロサンゼルスへ渡り実力派サルサダンサーJosie Negliaはじめ海外のトップダンサーに師事。 また、ジョルジュ高橋&リタの主宰する「アダジオ商会」に所属し、リフトテクニックを主としたダンスパフォーマンスを行ってきた。2006年国立市に「ス タジオブエノ!」をオープン、サルサ、アルゼンチンタンゴ、ベリーダンスのレッスンを提供。
2010年The World Latin Dance Cup in San Diego出場。
2013年LA OPENにてソロ部門3位入賞。
2016年よりTokyo Touchディレクターをつとめる。






::Guest Instructors & Dancers


Lenny & Mio
(Chile, Osaka Japan)

Lenny Baeza (Santiago, Chile) & Mio Takagi (Hiroshima, Japan) met in Brisbane Australia in 2002, and established VIDA LATINA Dance Co. They opened their own studio in Brisbane Australia in 2005, and in 2011 they opend Vida Latina Osaka, Japan. Lenny & Mio are professional dancers and choreographers and produced theatrical Latin dance shows. They have traveled all over Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia & Japan for workshops & shows. Currently living in Osaka Japan, Lenny & Mio teach Salsa, Zouk, Bachata and Samba regularly at their studio. They are known as highly skilled Acrobatic Latin dancers and as the pioneers of Zouk Dance in Kansai Japan. Lenny & Mio have performed with world's renowned Latin bands such as; "Victor Manuel", "Orquesta de la luz", "Maykel Blanco" and many more. They are also the organizers of Osaka Latin Dance Festival established in 2014. Currently performing at many festival & corporated functions all over Japan.

::Guest Instructors & Dancers


Edwin & Naoko
( Guatemala, Japan)

2015年ミラノに渡り、Sosa Dance Academyで1年on1サルサ,on2サルサ,アフロキューバンを学ぶ。その間,ミラノ,シチリア,ノルウェー,ロンドンなどヨーロッパ各地のイベントに出場する。

Edwin & Naoko traveled together to Milan in 2015 and learned Salsa On1, On2 and Afro Cuban Movement at Sosa Dance Academy for 1 year. During that time, they traveled to Sicily, Norway, London etc. and performed at many events. After returning to Japan, they competed at Japan Salsa Competition 2016 and placed 2nd in Salsa On1 category. Other events they performed together are; Japan Salsa Congress 2016 and most recently, LA Salsa Festival 2017.

::Guest Instructors & Dancers



( Colombia / Tokyo Japan)

コロンビア出身。2010年に日本に来日し、スタジオ専属インストラクターとして活動後、独立。Cali Rumba Japon(カリルンバハポン)を立ち上げ、カリサルサをメインにマパレ(コロンビアのアフリカンダンスに似たフォルクロール)サルサon1,バチャータ等を教え現在に至る。
日本を始め海外の様々なイベントや大会に参加し、2013年 ジャパンカップのペア部門で1位、2014年 同大会、同部門にて2位、2015年 ジャパンバチャータカップにて2位、2016年には1位となる。

He was born in Cali, Colombia.
In 2010,He moved to Tokyo, Japan
and started to work as an instructor at a dance studio and then he has started his own dance company Cali Rumba Japón. He's been teaching Cali salsa, Mapale(Afro Colombian),Salsa on1 and Bachata.Participated in various events and competitions abroad,including Japan.
He won the 1st prize for the pair category of Japan Cup in 2013 and the 2nd prize in 2014,the 2nd prize for the pair category of Japan Bachata Cup in 2015 and the1st prize in 2016.

::Guest Instructors & Dancers







Marcos & Alina
(Brazil, China)

Marcos Fonseca from Rio de Janeiro Brazil stated dancing at an early age and dedicated much of the 90's to dance and teach Hip Hop, Lambada, Zouk, Brazilian African Dance, Latin Rhythms , Salsa,kizomba and Jazz. as well as participating in many tv programs and shows as a dancer and choreographer. A graduate of Physical Education from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, he specialized in fitness through dance. Moving to Europe in 1992 he made a name for himself teaching Hip Hop, Latin Rhythms, Lambada Zouk and Salsa. He was taught his Unique style of dance and fitness dance classes and workshops in a total of 44 countries around the world so far. he is one the Zouk teachers with a lot of hard work, making "Zouk Conscience" growing in the planet introducing Zouk in more 10 countries.

Congresses around the world
London Latin fest. 2009 and 2010
London Dance (ZOUK) Congress 2010, 2011
Singapore Salsa Congress dec 2014
Edinburgh Scotland fitness and dance Party congress 2007
Cebu Salsa Congress, Philipines 2014
Guerndsey (UK) Latin Weekend 2008 - 2009
Zouk SEA KL 2012, 2013
India Fiesta Latina New Delhi 2015
India latin festival, Goa 2011
Waves is the annual national cultural festival 2011
Hong Kong salsa Festival presence in all congresses since 2012
hong Kong bachata and kizomba summer festival 2015, 2016
Manila salsa congress 2012 Philipines
Salsame mucho 2011
China Congress guangzhou 2011
Chengdu Salsa Festival 2013 Zouk
Cyprus salsa congress 2008
Bristol -UK salsa congress 2007

::Guest Instructors & Dancers



Cheryl was the youngest dance artiste invited to perform at Salsa Asia Cruise 2009, which was attended by 1500 international participants. She was also the anchor dance artiste in Dick Lee's musical, "Sunshine Girls". She was lovingly known as Little Penguin as a child. Although she is still in her teens, she has participated in several dance events as instructor and performer in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. She has taught body isolation and dance in several dance and sports institutions. She is the youngest and only Singaporean performer and instructor at Zouk SEA, and will have her pioneer Bachata team debuting at the International Osaka Latin Dance Festival.






Gary started dancing Salsa in 2007 and continues to be a regular social dancer in the Kuala Lumpur Salsa scene. Under the guidance of well-known Korean Salsa instructor Lion Gak, Gary and his wife Mavis competed in the Malaysian Latin Dance Championship in 2011 and came out as First Place Winners. Shortly after, DJ Gary took over the reigns from Lion Gak who started a salsa social night in Kuala Lumpur, with the intention of bringing good Salsa music to the community and a place for all dancers to get together. DJ Gary's music style is a good variety of the Salsa, Mambo, Guaguanco, Bachata, Zouk and Kizomba. You can find him spinning at the various social clubs and events in Malaysia and he has also played in South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand.




Cheryl Wu Dance Studio (Singapore)


Cali Rumba Japon (Cali Colombia / Tokyo)



Bueno y Bueno! ( Tokyo)


Tokyo Touch (Tokyo)



(Kyoto Japan)

スタジオ所属のチーム、サルサニーニョやガールズのAZUCAR のメンバーとしてavexのキラチャレなどの大会で入賞する。昨年度のジャパンサルサカップにてソロ部門2位





(Kyoto Japan)

スタジオ所属のチームサルサニーニョやガールズのAZUCAR のメンバーとしてavexのキラチャレなど数々のコンテストにて入賞





(Kyoto Japan)












Sayo & Rob
(Tokyo Japan)

Sayo and Rob teamed up in order to represent cabaret dance and to propagate the passion for colombian salsa in Japan.
Rob brings with him the latin flavour and developped his dedication for dance while growing up in El Salvador. He undertook extensive performance training in Cali, Colombia, after being taught an excellent foundation by instructors in Germany and while attending international dance congresses, who finally motivated him to bring his dance to the next level.
Sayo is suffering the terminal stage of hispanic fever and finds only relief in latin dances. Her background in pole dance offers an ideal predisposition for addiction to acrobatic moves. The fascination for artistic moves brought those two together; He brings the experience from acrobatic rock n roll and She executes elegantly but rigurously, both seeking perfection in their dance!

This fresh couple, still new to the audience of latin dance, promises a combination of expressive sharp moves and energetic musicality, unique in the world of dance; the result of mixing Germany and Japan into Salsa suggests only one thing: it will get spicy, and thus definitely not to be missed!

2016 Japan Salsa Congress
Gala Calisabor, Paris
2017 Korean Salsa and Bachata Festival
Japan Latin Dance Competition (3rd male solo)


MasAlla dance company
(Hiroshima / Yanaguchi Japan)

MasAlla dance company is currently made up 3 ladies and 2 gentlemen;
Masami Nagai, Ryoko Chimori, Yoshiaki Tanaka, and our newest student
member in training Ryan Nissel. We have choreographed 6 pieces
within a 4 year time frame and are currently working on our 7th piece.

Music selection has ranged from Celia Cruz, El Gran Combo, Oscar De
Leon and now Tito Puente.
Included in our pieces are short intro’s that create diversity within the
music we select such as; bachata, merengue and even R&B.


Tamahi & Joshua; Dulce con Fuego dance company
(Hiroshima / Yanaguchi Japan)

Established in 2012 and founded by Tamahi Futsuda the dance company
entered a new phase and element when co-director Joshua Lopez took
the company to new heights by including 17 years of experience and
training to Tamahi’s already 12 year background.

Tamahi and Josh make up Dulce con Fuego dance company and met
in “Yamulee” dance company in New York City several years prior
before moving to Japan. Located in Hiroshima City and Yamaguchi
(Iwakuni), they offered a variety of classes and workshops throughout
various parts of Japan that focused on spinning, partner work and
shines or footwork at a very intense level.
Known for their sharp technique and cool shines that are derived from
Yamulee and other members of the Salsa community they add beauty
and refinement to the movements that everyone has come to know and



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