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::Guest Instructors & Dancers

Kadu & Larissa @ Osaka Latin Dance Festival






Kadu & Larissa
(Australia / Brazil)

Brazilian Latin dance professionals Kadu Pires and Larissa Thayane settled in Australia in 2007. They spend up to half of each year travelling – teaching, performing, choreographing and judging at the world’s most important Latin dance events and competitions.

Since 2007, they have toured extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand, Asia, Europe, North and South America. They have been instrumental in boosting the popularity of Brazilian zouk and samba de gafieira internationally. Their credits include competition wins and television appearances in Brazil and in Australia, including choreography for So You Think You Can Dance Australia.

During his 20-year dance career, Kadu built a reputation as one of the best young dancers in Sao Paulo, Brazil, before being recognised as a samba de gafieira and samba no pe dancer and instructor of reference for Brazil’s new dance generation. He has worked as a dancer, instructor and choreographer for high profile dance companies in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, including the Jimmy de Oliveira Dance Academy and Company and the Alex de Carvalho Dance Academy and Company.

Larissa is trained in all styles of dance. She has worked as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer for the Youth Theatre Company of Rio de Janeiro, travelling and performing throughout Brazil and the United States before studying Latin dance. Her career highlights include performing at The Kennedy Centre in Washington with the American Symphony Orchestra. In 2005, she started her studies in Latin dance and joined Jimmy de Oliveira’s samba de gafieira company and Alex de Carvalho’s Latin dance company specialising in Brazilian zouk.

Kadu and Larissa founded K&L Dance and K&L Dance Events in 2012.

::Guest Instructors & Dancers


Luis & Alba
(Spain / Chile)

Luis Chavez was Born in Chile and lives in Spain, where he now works as the director of his own Dance academy
He worked as a dancer in various TV programs in Chile and he formed part of the dance group “Imperio Azteca” directed by the Prince of salsa Johnny Vazquez
Spains Salsa Champion in 2007 and 2008 and the finalist in a number of world Salsa Bachata and Solo championships

Alba Ibanez was born in Spain; she was Spain’s ballroom champion in 2009 and 2010 and she took 2nd place in a televised competition “Europa Bailarina”

In 2014 they represented Spain at the Hong Kong World Championships where they achieved being the finalists in both categories Salsa and Bahcata.
Competed at the World Salsa Masters in 2014 against numerous world champions and were amongst the top 6 in the world.

In 2015 they competed at the Hong Kong world championships and achieved 1st place in Bahcata, 2nd place in Salsa and Solo styles.
Luis and Alba have been dancing together for 2 years , competing against some of the best dancers in the world in national and international competitions.


::Guest Instructor & Dancer

Erik Mamboki @ Osaka Latin Dance Festival


Erik Rodrigues (Mamboki)
(Okinawa / USA)

One the pioneers of Eddie Torres NY club style On2 in Japan, Erik has been teaching in Okinawa since 2000.
Erik is a native of New York where he learned most of his dance education. Erik is trained in Salsa Casino, LA style On1, NY club style On2, Afro-Latin Funk & body movement.
He has performed or taught at:
2002 Japan Salsa Congress
2003 Japan Salsa Congress
2004 New York Salsa Congress
2008 Asia Latin Festival, Korea
2009 Asia Latin Festival, Korea
2010 Hawaii Salsa Festival
2010 New York Salsa Congress
2011 Hawaii Salsa Festival
2012 Asia Latin Festival, Seoul, Korea
2013 We Love Salsa vol. 2 & 3 Sapporo, Japan
2014 Paco's 5yr Anniversary Social, Nagoya, Japan
2015 Houston Salsa Congress, Houston Tx.
2015 Mambongo On2 Social, Tokyo, Japan




Jorge & Satsuki at Osaka Latin Dance Festival


Jorge & Satsuki

Jorge Zubieta

Dancer and teacher of Latin rhythms and ballroom with extensive academic training, achieving the merging of each of the dances studied in its own unique style and making a significant difference in their field.
He spent most of his life involved in what he is most passionate about: Salsa and Ballroom Dance.
He has enriched his dancing by studying different dances styles such as Classical Dance, Contemporary Dance, Dance Sport Ballroom, Flamenco, Cuban Folklore & Argentine Tango, Bachata, Lamba Zouk and Kizomba.
Jorge is well known for his style and elegance, and he has managed to be particularly known for his musicality, expressiveness and originality of choreography, capturing the essence that makes a difference to his style.
Currently he is still very actively involved in Latin dance rhythms and he has been invited to conduct shows, workshops, seminars in Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, South Korea, China and Japan.



::Guest Instructors & Dancers


Aya & Kita
(Tokyo, Japan)

2004年より活動開始。ロサンゼルスへ渡り実力派サルサダンサーJosie Negliaはじめ海外のトップダンサーに師事。 また、ジョルジュ高橋&リタの主宰する「アダジオ商会」に所属し、リフトテクニックを主としたダンスパフォーマンスを行ってきた。2006年国立市に「ス タジオブエノ!」をオープン、サルサ、アルゼンチンタンゴ、ベリーダンスのレッスンを提供。
2010年The World Latin Dance Cup in San Diego出場。
2013年LA OPENにてソロ部門3位入賞。
2016年よりTokyo Touchディレクターをつとめる。






::Guest Instructors & Dancers

Azlan & Mabel at Osaka Latin Dance Festival










Azlan & Mabel

Azlan A Mckechnie: “The quickest way to improve is to dance with those that inspire you” -

Azlan originally from the United Kingdom, was introduced to Latin dancing in 2006. Instantly hooked, he has since travelled all around the world to learn and teach many forms of dance. Azlan is also credited with pioneering and growing the Kizomba scene in Kuala Lumpur since 2011. He has taught students as well as instructors in East and West Malaysia, UK, Indonesia, China, South Africa, Vietnam, Australia, and Japan. He has also performed on a number of television specials, including Astro Sports one year anniversary special. He has been invited to teach and perform at the World Bachata Festival, Zouk S.E.A. festival, Penang Salsa Festival, Malaysia Singapore Joint Fiesta, Afro-Latin Invasion Asia, Osaka Latin Festival, and currently runs regular dance classes at multiple venues throughout Kuala Lumpur. Known for his humour and high energy in class, Azlan’s classes are always fun from beginner to advanced level. His ability to break down the technique, allows even the most inexperienced dancer to grasp the fundamentals of the dance, armed with
the tools to improve their dancing even after the class has


Mabel Kok: Originally a latin dancer, Mabel completed her Gold Level Examination under the ISTD for 5 Latin dances in the International Dancesport Category in 2004. She then went on to discover Salsa and soon developed a love for NY Salsa On2. She was introduced and taught Kizomba in March 2015 by her dance partner, Azlan Mckechnie. To date, they had performed and taught salsa and Kizomba in various dance festivals and events in Malaysia and SEA. Mabel has taken kizomba instructor’s course and undergone private training by world Kizomba artists, Albir Rojas and Sara Panero. She believes that continuous learning from other world affluent Kizomba artists is one of her ways to increase her repertoire and skills in the dance. Mabel currently conducts classes for Salsa and Kizomba with Azlan. Her passion for dance continues to drive her to share her skills and knowledge with her

::Guest Instructor & Dancer







Suman Biswas & His team "Dance Unlimited"

Dance Unlimited was founded by Suman and Rachel in 2004. In their early Salsa career, they competed and won various Salsa competitions. They have also travelled widely in Asia to teach and perform, together with their dance teams, and teach at various Salsa festivals, namely, Philippines, India, Hong Kong, Thailand and China over the last 12 years.

Being an ardent advocate of Salsa, Suman has played an integral role in shaping the growth of Salsa events in Asia by supporting them since their inception. As a seasoned choreographer, Suman has worked with several production houses to feature in and provide artistic direction for documentaries, trailers and dance reality shows. Known as one of the well-respected stalwarts in the Singapore Salsa scene, Suman has been invited to judge at numerous local and regional competitions over the years.

Suman's passion for performance continues to burn bright as he is constantly inspired by the love of dance, and motivated by the desire to break through new boundaries and the adrenaline rush that only the stage can bring. Dance Unlimited Xperiment was conceptualised as a blank canvas to fuse elements of Salsa with other dance genres to add colour and diversity to his expression of dance. For his first Xperiment, Suman took on Pachanga and Soul to the wildly popular tune of Uptown Funk.


::Guest Instructor & Dancer








Azzura Soraya or ‘Azzy’ grew up in East Malaysia, Borneo, and began her first beginner salsa classes back in 2004 when she moved to Kuala Lumpur. She was a student at leading salsa school Havana Estudio for a good 8 years where she travelled and performed with salsa teams for festivals within the region.
A turning point came when Azzy was selected as one of the top 20 in the first season of So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia, and Azzy finally decided to pursue dancing as a serious passion and more than just a hobby.

Azzy became known in the Malaysian salsa scene for her reggaeton and hip hop-salsa-fusion dance styles after teaming up with Amar Singh, and continues to choreograph, co-coach and direct travelling performance teams with him under Dance Blaze Academy. She also gained further credibility in her dance circles as a leading instructor for Ladies Styling, whereby Azzy showcases her unique ‘urban-Latin’ style routines – staying true to the hip hop and R&B music she grew up listening to.

A versatile dancer who describes her dance identity as ‘funky-sexy’, Azzy is trained in various salsa styles including On2, On1 and Cuban; along with other partner dances such as bachata, Brazilian-zouk and with a recent exploration into Kizomba. As a fan of urban music, Azzy is also active in various hip hop styles such as reggaeton and dancehall.

An avid traveller, Azzy has been invited to teach and perform at various festivals and dance events in Asia including around Southeast Asia, Japan, India and more. As an instructor, Azzy believes that ‘learning never stops’ and loves also attending festivals and workshops wherever she can whether in Europe, the Middle East and of course with fellow dancers in Malaysia.

::Guest Instructor & Dancer


Tamil Triken

TAMIL TRIKEN; An excellent Dance Teacher & Choreographer hailing from Singapore, very dedicated and sought after for his Diverse Choreographies and teachings, having a priceless experience of more than 16 years in his dancing life has taught him great values of moral and discipline. Having to experience dance at a very tender age of 7 has made him choose the destiny in dancing and performing.

Teaching and performing for more than a decade has earned him many followers, respect and many accolades amongst his students and peers he associates with. Always believing in teaching oneself first before choosing to teach anyone is widely spread. Currently the founder & Artistic Director of Dance Channel Singapore was Diversely well trained in Theatre Arts & Media.

  • 3 Times Annual Award winner for Best Choreography in Mediacorp Singapore being an assistant Choreography master.
  • Higher Diploma Graduate in Dance with excellence in Teaching Category
  • Forte in contemporary, Salsa, Bollywood, Zumba Fitness, Hip Hop and Argentine Tango.   
  • Trained by 3 times salsa World Champion Eli Torres
  • Trained by Asian Salsa Superstar Starlinn Choo


Tamil Triken & Edel

Tamil &

La Avante Team

LA Avante Team at Osaka Latin Dance Festival 2016

La Beau Ladies Shines (Singapore)












Adriano & Evlin

Adriano Robinho
2009年 “エウ ヴィン デ ラ”というショーに出演
2009年 リオデジャネイロのサンバカーニバルへ、サンクレメンチというチームのコミサンジフレンチ(チ―ムのテーマを表し、一番先頭で踊る重要な部署)の一員として出演

Evlin Malvares

2013年~2015年 リオデジャネイロで有名なCCCというダンスカンパニーの一員として数々のショーに出演

スゥイングドブラック2014 優勝
スゥイングドブラック2015 準優勝
サンバリオショー2014 準優勝
ガフィエイラブラジル2015 準優勝
ガフィエラブラジル2016 優勝
メリョーダノイチガフィエイラブラジル2016 準優勝
フェスティバルインターナショナルジカボフリオ 準優勝







Happy Beat Dance Crew
(Mackay, Australia)

The Happy Beat Dance Crew is a group of all abilities dancers from Street Latin Mackay - a dance studio in a small town in regional Queensland.

The Happy Beat Dance Crew was formed in 2013 from students Diane Smedley had been teaching for many years. They had their first performance as the Happy Beats at the Sydney Latin Festival in 2014. Since then the Happy Beats were invited back to the Sydney Latin Festival in 2015 and were also invited to perform at the Brisbane Latin Festival later that year.

The Happy Beats are made up of all kinds of dancers. Some have special needs and have been dancing with Diane at SLM for many years, some are relative beginners. The group also includes able bodied dancers to make this a fully integrated team.

Diane has been teaching people with special needs for over 20 years and her daughter, Kate, performs with the Happy Beats. These dancers are an integral part of the studio and have been performing with the SLM dancers since the studio started in 2008. They perform at studio and local community events and attend all our social functions - they are an important part of the studio.

Mackay is a regional town in the north of Queensland, Australia however the Happy Beats are now well known throughout the Australian dance scene and are looking forward to performing in Osaka in 2016.

Diane and her team from Street Latin Mackay look forward to demonstrating how everyone can enjoy the love of dance despite where they come from, how much ability they have or for how long they have been doing it.

We look forward to seeing every one in Japan in 2016.


Takemi & Keiko at Osaka Latin Dance Festival 2016


Takemi & Keiko
(Tokyo, Japan)

国立スタジオBueno!『BACHTA amigo!』、『新丸子de Latin Night』をはじめ、都内を中心にBachata、Salsa のレッスンやイベントを主催する他、各種パーティ、企業イベント等にて、パフォーマンスを展開中。

2014年Las Vegas Salsa Congress出演
2014年Japan Bachata Cup優勝
2014年Japan Cup 3位入賞
2015年Asia Latin Championship 3位入賞



Jorge Zubieta Team
(Tokyo, Japan)


Bueno y Bueno!
(Tokyo, Japan)

エレガントに楽しく踊る新作は『FLIP FLOP』の曲にのせて。

Tokyo Touch - Bachata Team (Tokyo, Japan)

Aya&Kitaがディレクターをつとめる「ISLAND TOUCH」プロジェクトのCoad Bachata東京チームです。「ISLAND TOUCH」は世界中を虜にするプエルトリコ出身のAtacaとドイツ出身のAlemanaのダンスカンパニー。Coad Bachataは世界48カ国にチームがあり、Youtube等で各国のパフォーマンス映像をシェア、また共演が行なわれている

Tokyo Touch at Osaka Latin Dance Festival 2016


Bomba Latina ボンバラティーナ
(Osaka, Japan)


Bomba Latina


::International DJ


DJ Selva

DJ Selva is well renowned as a premier Salsa and Latin DJ in Malaysia in current times. His early experience as a DJ in R&B clubs from the tender age of 17 has helped him gain an invaluable skill in the art of music-mixing and crowd-pleasing.

DJ Selva’s carrer as a Latin DJ commenced with Monday Night Salsa at Shivz Grill in Bangsar which was organized by salsa instructor Amar Singh of Dance Blaze Academy in early 2011

DJ Selva was given due recognition as a world-class Latin DJ when he was invited to be the resident DJ at the World Bachata Festival 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, He has also been invited to numerous events alongside some of the best Latin DJs in the region such as the Salsa Paradiso and Salsa-Lah events held in Kuala Lupur.

::National DJ

DJ Milton at Osaka Latina Dance Festival




DJ Milton

DJ Milton's profile coming soon...






2016年9月16日(金)フェスティバル・ウェルカム- パーティ&ショー @ VIDA LATINA(阿波座)

19:30-last ウェルカムパーティー&ショー
Performances by;
ルイス&アルバ (スペイン&チリ)
エリック (沖縄&アメリカ)


2016年9月17日(土)フェスティバル・メインパーティー1日目 @ THEATER SEVEN(十三)

11:00-11:50 WS 1 Salsa On1 - アヤ&キタ(東京)
12:00-12:50 WS 2 Salsa 女性スタイリング - アズーラ (マレーシア)
13:00-13:50 WS 3 Salsa On2 シャイン & ペア - エリック・ロドリゲス (USA / Okinawa)
14:00-14:50 WS 4 Bachata - ホルヘ&サツキ(アルゼンチン/東京)
15:00-15:50 WS 5 Kizomba - アズラン&メイベル(マレーシア)
16:00-16:50 WS 6 Zouk - カドゥ&ラリッサ(ブラジル/オーストラリア)
17:00-17:50 WS 7 Bachata - ルイス&アルバ(チリ/スペイン)

19:30-0:30 Main Party & Shows
Performances by;

Las Candelas En Clave (東京)
Vida Latina サンバチーム (大阪)
Bomba Latina (大阪)
Bueno y Bueno! (東京)
Happy Beat (マカイ・オーストラリア)
La Beau Ladies Shine (シンガポール)
La Juventad (シンガポール)
アズラン&メイベル、キゾンバチーム (大阪&マレーシア)
Kizomba Diamond Tokyo (東京)
アズーラ、レディースシャインチーム (マレーシア)
タミール&エデール (シンガポール)
タケミ&ケイコ (東京)
アヤ&キタ (東京)
Karen Forcano Ladies Crew Tokyo (東京)
ホルヘ・スビエタ (アルゼンチン&東京)
カドゥ&ラリッサ (ブラジル&オーストラリア)
ルイス&アルバ (スペイン&チリ)

2016年9月18日(日)フェスティバル・メインパーティー2日目 @THEATER SEVEN(十三)

11:00-11:50 WS 1  レゲトン - アズーラ -(マレーシア)
12:00-12:50 WS 2 Salsa On1 中級 - タミール (シンガポール)
13:00-13:50 WS 3 Timba - エドウィン (グアテマラ・関西)
14:00-14:50 WS 4  Kizomba - ホルヘ&サツキ(アルゼンチン/東京)
15:00-15:50 WS 5  Salsa On1 - ルイス&アルバ(チリ/スペイン)
16:00-16:50 WS 6 Bachata - エリック・ロドリゲス (USA / Okinawa)
17:00-17:50 WS 7 Zouk - カドゥ&ラリッサ(ブラジル/オーストラリア)

19:30-0:30 Main Party & Shows
Performances by;
ホルヘズビエタ・チーム, Princesas de la Bachata (東京)
La Avante - RKK (シンガポール)
Tokyo Touch (東京)
Vida Latina レディースシャインチーム (大阪)
Bachata Tokyo Project (Tokyo)
リオズーク・トウキョウ (東京)
Vida Latina バチャータチーム (大阪)
La Avante - Mambo (シンガポール)
バチャータ・フィーリング (東京)
アズーラ (マレーシア)
Dance Unlimited Xperiment (シンガポール)
アズラン&メイベル (マレーシア)
WDC Karen & Ricardo Tokyo Team (東京)
アドリアーノ&エヴィリン (ブラジル)
エリック (沖縄&アメリカ)
ホルヘ&サツキ (アルゼンチン&東京)
ルイス&アルバ (スペイン&チリ)

カドゥ&ラリッサ (ブラジル&オーストラリア)


2016年9月19日(祝月) @VIDA LATINA(立売堀)

11:00-11:50 WS 1 Salda Ladies Styling - タミール(シンガポール)
12:00-12:50 WS 2 パチャンガ・ヒップホップ・フュージョン - スマン & ジョリーン (シンガポール)
13:00-13:50 WS 3 Kizomba - アズラン&メイベル(マレーシア)
14:00-14:50 WS 4 Bachata - アヤ&キタ(東京)
15:00-15:50 WS 5 Step Fire Latin Cardio Fitness - ホルヘ・ズビエタ(アルゼンチン)
16:00-16:50 WS 6 Salsa On1 シャイン & スタイリング - ルイス&アルバ(チリ/スペイン)
17:00-17:50 WS 7 サンバ・ヂ・ガフィエラ - カドゥ&ラリッサ(ブラジル/オーストラリア)

19:30-last お別れパーティー




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